Price per km (Tariff 1, Tariff 2)

The price per km varies according to the zone in which you are located. In Brussels, the price is € 1.80/km for all trips remaining inside the limits of the Brussels region (tariff 1) and € 2.70/km for trips located outside the Brussels region (tariff 2) ;

Waiting tariff

The « waiting tariff » is the price per minute charged when the taxi is waiting at a red light or stuck in traffic. Whenever a taxi is driving at a speed lower than 19km/h, the price switches from « per km » to « per minute », and is charged € 0.5 a minute ;

Minimum fare

Between 6 (AM) and 10 (PM) the minimum fare is € 2.40, and between 10 (PM) and 6 (AM) it is € 4.40 ;

Minimum fare

Between 6am and 10pm the minimum fare is € 2.40, and between 10pm and 6am it is € 4.40 ;

Standard journey :
A standard journey includes the minimum fare, 4 kilometers and 3 minutes at waiting tariff, which corresponds
to € 11.00 during the day and € 13.00 at night.

Neither the driver nor the passenger can modify or control manually the price of the taxi ride.
A certified taxi meter is systematically onboard the cab.
Upon arrival you can ask for a ticket from the meter which will allow you to check the details of your trip.

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